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Tips and homespun for the apocalypse that sooner or later will end up coming.     So, keep well this post.

The tutorial for people who ain’t gonna die.

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Today is the release of my new comic book series, called The Midas Flesh! YOU GUYS, THIS IS AMAZING.

It’s based on this Dinosaur Comic but is way more awesomer, if you can even believe that. It’s written by me and drawn by Braden Lamb and Shelli Paroline, who you probably know because we’re also the team that creates the Adventure Time comic! And now we are also working together on this new crazy story about King Midas in space, featuring dinosaurs!

Pictured above are three of the covers by the amazing Noelle Stevenson, the amazing Emily Partridge, AND the amazing John Keogh!

You can read the first few pages here, you can read early reviews here or here and NOW THAT YOU ARE ASSUREDLY HOOKED, you can pick the book up at your local comic book shop or direct from the publisher, Boom, who is offering both this first issue or a subscription to the entire eight-issue series, which includes a free print! THE PRINT FEATURES EMILY’S DINOSAUR IN A SPACESUIT, JUST FYI.

Go enjoy the preview and then maybe pick up this book because it is going to be a CRAZY STORY and I can’t wait to share it with YOU.


I have read this and can assure you: it is
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star trek au: a time lord, who travels the universe with his vulcan companion, drops by the earth in the 23rd century. when he finds they’re being pursued by a terrible foe, he is forced to hide by using a chameleon arch to transform himself into a human. taking on the name jim kirk and a life in starfleet, he loses all knowledge of who he once was as they’re forced to live there until the danger passes. but every night he dreams of adventure, of aliens and all of space and time; it’s really no wonder that he makes the ascension to captain in no time at all. and his companion comes to realise that no matter what he goes through, you’ll never be able to take the stars from him, because the human jim kirk continues to do what he’s always done best - travelling the galaxies and saving the universe.
(when the watch finally opens, leaving is far more heartbreaking than he’d ever have thought. but from then on, earth becomes one of his favourite places, and the starship enterprise finds itself with a new pair of regular visitors.)

Billie & David in Behind the Lens - The Day of the Doctor x

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doctor who christmas special 2013 trailer (x)


"No more"

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